Intercerdanya Sports Llivia Girona
What is it?

Bultaco Brinco is a revolutionary new concept, the Moto-Bika. Bultaco Brinco R-E is the most sportive motorcycle of the collection and you will be able to enjoy off-road restriction circuits (city, countryside and mountains).

No land will resist this motorcycle.
A striking mix that combines adrenaline provided by its electric propulsion, directly controlled by the wrist throttle, and the physical experience of independent pedaling system.

What do you need?

To enjoy a good adventure you will need to bring the following material:

- MTB helmet (if you don't have, you can rent it by asking when making your reservation.)
- Suitable footwear (sports footwear)
- Gloves (optional)

Where can your book?

Bultaco Brinco Experience Cerdanya(Llívia) 689 565 011
Camp Base (Llívia) 972 146 336