Intercerdanya Sports Llivia Girona

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Mountain Wines

Sauvignon Blanc variety being finally chosen for this small vineyard planted in Llivia. Crop variety and not too common in these places Ceretans, tall ... but they represent the essence of the origin of the project. A group of friends together and rediscovered by the world of mountain snow ... two winemakers two passions such as mountains, snow, skiing ... and oenology, wine, viticulture one side . Ceretana three people, the land, with drive and desire to create new projects, future projects, nature lovers, on the other side.

We find again from a few years ago, and then find the best conditions, finally decided to create this new project. A new project, different, a different wine. A wine high, being the highest vineyard in Spain, with superb views of the massif of Puigmal out in the Catalan Llívia challenging viticulture, so we understand how a project of heroic viticulture. Viticulture heroic to make a different wine a unique wine that expresses the identity of these places, with a special wine ... THE ice wine. A wine with which to rediscover this ancient art agricultural viticulture Cerdanya, to make a sweet wine, aromatic, treated with the best conditions on the maturation, the first cold March each year, the date of harvest, to extract only the best and naturally sweet musts of these grapes.


A gift for the senses ... Fred, mountains, snow ... and wine. Wine tall.