Intercerdanya Sports Llivia Girona

The workshop where you can maintain and repair your own equipment.

Our workshop has the perfect machinery in order to leave your equipment as you desire it, and looking brand new.
Waxing the interior of the ski in order to maintain it well hydrated will allow us to smoothly slide through the snow. 
Ski: 10 € 
Snowboard or volant spatula skis: 12 €
Ski edge review in order to maintain them well sharpened, this way it will allow us to safely carve through the snow. Includes ski waxing. 
Ski 25 € 
Snowboard or volant spatula skis: 26 €
Ski repair with machine in order to cover scratches with a thin "cofix" layer. Includes ski edges and sole. 
Ski: 40 € 
Snowboard or volant spatula skis: 42 €