Llívia wine to impress your palate

Two passions: mountain and oenology merge into this unique altitude viticulture project, seeking the maximum expression of our Pyrenean territory.

At 1,225 m of altitude, our vineyard constantly challenges the limits of viticulture, recovering a traditional agricultural art of Cerdanya and bringing the smell of grape harvest for the first time in Llívia.

Height viticulture

Cerdanya has an excellent insolation for viticulture, thanks to the combination of height and orientation from east to west. On its southern slope, the Fogony effect determine warm and dry currents which contrast with highland climate, ensuring important thermal leaps that allow a qualitative maturation of the Sauvignon Blanc of our ecological vineyard.

Our wines

When autumn is in full swing, we wait for the moment of optimal balance between acidity, sweetness and aromas to make our manual harvest and continue with the process of winemaking, in the same winery located at the foot of the vineyard. As a result, two wines of two different moments are created.

Blanc DNEU

With our first grape harvest we create BLANC DNEU, an elegant and aromatic intensity wine with notes of fresh fruit, thiols and citrus that manifests the strength of our territory through its character. Sweet, unctuous and persistent, with a fine natural acidity that describes the freshness of our mountain climate.

Blanc DGEL

With the arrival of the snow and the cold temperatures the leaves of the vines fall, at which point the plant prepares for the winter vegetative stop, thus initiating the natural process of dehydration of the grapes, concentrating aromas, sugars and acidity. Only when the natural climatic conditions allow it, the grape harvesting is carried out in the icy natural state to create our ice wine: a special, sweet wine, with great sharpness and aromatic freshness, which combines thanks to the balance between acidity and natural sugars.

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Llívins location

In the upper part of Llívia you will find the Llivins vineyard.

A magical place overlooking the Cerdanya and from where wine lovers will never want to leave.



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